A series of dark, dangerous, optimistic and victorious themes based around a period drama, sci-fi story, or atmospheric tales. Each cue is different but based on the same theme with specific characteristics and textures to offer a full range of emotions and ideas. Not so much additional mixes but different pieces under one roof

Original Mix
337725FU 01:17
Alt Mix 1 Underscore Pads
337725FV 00:43
Alt Mix 2 Suspense and Creepy
337725FW 00:54
Alt Mix 3 Dark with Marching Fanfares
337725GM 00:57
Alt Mix 4 Harp Fanfares with Bright Travel
337725GN 00:51
Alt Mix 5 Processional And Grand
337725GP 00:38
Alt Mix 6 Edgy And Dark
337725GQ 01:11
Alt Mix 7 Weird and Unsettling
337725GR 00:58
Alt Mix 8 Choral and Regal
337725GS 01:25
Alt Mix 9 Marching
337725GT 00:47
Alt Mix 10 Bright and Optimistic
337725GU 00:33
Alt Mix 11 Positive and Forward
337725GV 01:12
Alt Mix 12 Dangerous and Uncertain
337725GW 00:32
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