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A new music production library offering exiting, revolutionary, innovative and high quality music tracks, songs, themes, underscore and atmospheric moods for every occasion.

What is your MOOD  ( examples of Moods….)

What is your STYLE……

What is your COLOUR…….

Topline COLLECTIONS…… An easy to navigate selection of themes and songs so you don’t have to.

Topline is a new music library that enables you to listen, chose, and license your favourite tracks quickly efficiently and easily.

Buying a license is amazing value for money and very simple to do.

Topline Music is constantly growing and evolving with new tracks being added on a regular basis.

Topline Music Community is a new and revolutionary idea that we expect to grow alongside the music.

Using our easy to navigate Home page where you can select GENRES, MOODS, STYLES, INSTRUMENTS, PRODUCTIONS and COLOURS, all the music is within a couple of clicks away.

From a simple choice of listening to single tracks to the choice of hearing all of the related mixes of each Master Mix. 

TOPLINE MUSIC is here to encourage and nurture new Media Composers and writers and offer to  our clients  a different, eclectic, new and vibrant body of work.

Making Music Sense- Topline Music

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Getting the right sound is tough and despite the great collection that Topline offers sometimes you need something that’s a perfect fit.
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