Cameron Nesbitt
Cameron Nesbitt is a writer, producer and engineer based in Brighton, UK. He started his career as a drummer, playing for various bands and artists such as Morgan M James and SpringHill. He performed at shows across the UK and has played in iconic venues such as the ExCeL centre. He found a passion for producing while studying at the London College of Music. Graduating in 2020, he quickly built a career producing, writing and engineering for a variety of artists from Brighton and London. His most successful records to date include Lovejoy’s ‘Are You Alright’ EP and James Marriott’s ‘No Left Brain’ EP. Cameron found an interest in Production music when working as an assistant for Tim Wills and Pat Murdoch from Alt Life Music. Collaborating with Dave Cooke, Cameron started composing songs for release on Topline. Cameron’s recent work includes Luna Blue, Anti La Vie, Finnian James and more. Email - [email protected]
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