Andrej Sifrer
Andrej Šifrer, Slovenian singer, songwriter and composer of pop music. Andrej started his musical career in 1971 with the group Tektiti and recorded his first composition in 1975, gaining media attention with his first single Zobo Blues. Despite graduating from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Andrej continued to compose many musical hits, and in 1998 he received an award at the Slovene Popovka competition with the song; ‘For Friends’. Andrej is also the author of the musical for one of the most watched Slovenian TV series; ‘Our Local Community’. Andrej has recorded over 20 albums and many singles and has recently celebrated 45 years with concerts and TV appearances as shown in the picture. A Star, Legend and very decent human being, most of the tracks here are reworked instrumentals of some of those tracks. More information
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