The Power of Music in Film

We were recently asked to present a short video, at an on-line conference, on the subject – “The Power of Music in Film. A massive subject that no short conversation could ever fulfil. But Andy and I decided to launch in, using a few well known movie clips, to chat about this together. We found a lovely studio out in the sticks to discussed this and other subjects including composing, licensing and how wonderful Topline Music is.  We wanted to link this video to Vimeo so that there would be no tricky buffering and as the conference had experienced some rather unfortunate technical difficulties, like losing the sound in places (!?), we thought it was worth sharing this again here especially to those who had attended.

Once you’ve given it a look, why not explore Topline Music further with the Collections, extensive categories, blogs and the easy to follow FAQ where you’ll find some more videos guiding you through the site. And of course you can always get in touch to ask about our excellent bespoke service. Enjoy and do let us know what you think.