Here we have the conundrum. Topline exists as a music library that provides music direct to your desktop. By licensing any of the immensely versatile and exciting tracks herein, you can use original mixes, additional mixes, variations of any versions, line up within a workstation to create your own mixes or even request bespoke commissions from scratch.

Search by title, groove, tempo, style, genre or even take a pot luck approach to discover that special track that would work in your production; whether it be a full-on drama, advertising campaign or wedding video I think we have you covered, as they sometimes say!

If you simply want to listen to several tracks, you can dial up a Topline Collection and then play the entire list of tracks in the form of a sort of playlist. Easy, convenient and very quick.

And then we have streaming. It would have been ridiculous to exclude streaming with so much music. This is why I decided to add all of the existing Topline Collections to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and any other streams of your personal choice.

Take Spotify; simply search for Topline Collections, or if that’s too complicated, Dave Cooke, and up should pop all of the Topline Collections which are basically albums in old money. Some are shorter than others that would constitute EPs as some may remember. Extended plays in the shape of a single vinyl with up to five tracks embedded.  One major restriction, which no one has solved to date is the fact that you can’t add sleeve notes, writer’s credits, stories and personal acknowledgements to each and every product or track as you could in analogue times.  Having nice pictures, who played what and sing-a-long lyrics made the listening experience so much more and offered a better way to engage with your favourite tracks. You could, if you got to the cutting room first, scratch your name on the Master vinyl that would then be copied on every album, EP or whatever to remain there in perpetuity.

We also have the unenviable task of trying to compete for space, time and money with streaming. It’s well known that unless you’re in the top 2% of the big hitters you’re unlikely to pay your gas bill solely on your streaming returns, especially nowadays when the gas bill is likely to be more expensive than your mortgage.

But in this case and in order to get the music out there the priority is to make it accessible and have it streamed alongside the gazzions of other tracks vying for attention being added by the minute.

So, alongside the simple search for Topline Collections, I’ve put together a few Playlists which I encourage you to check out. These are selections of Topline tracks featuring songs, instrumentals, themes, moods and, in my humble opinion, all rather good.

And, should you decided to adopt or share any of these well-appointed playlists we get a few shillings and helps to promote our lovely library. So please feel free to explore directly on Topline which can be fun and strangely addictive. Or access these playlists and have them on throughout your day to assist your work and definitely make you feel better, more positive, productive and maybe encouraged you to write and produce your own material. Maybe we can in time add your offerings to our ever-growing catalogue and share together with others in the Topline Collection Family. Thank you for your support; we will wear it always!

Topline Gentle and Soothing

Topline Papa Jem

Topline Playlist 3