Hot Off The Press

Topline-Music is excited to announce that it is now partnering with Andy Bodkin to be Topline’s own, in house, Music Supervisor.

Andy will be looking after placing Topline music in all audio and visual media including advertising, television, film, trailers, promo, video games, charity and religious productions.

With Andy on board, we are now able to offer a dedicated music search for specific tracks to meet your needs, using our comprehensive in-house library.  In addition to working with our own library Andy will also be happy to negotiate bespoke commissions undertaken by our in-house composers and producers or wider music searches as the need requires.

Andy joins us in our passion for a relational and collaborative approach to placing music, offering an honest, jargon free approach.

Andy has extensive international experience in licensing and copyright and is a member of the UK and European Guild of Music Supervisors.

If you would like to chat with him about a project you are working on or you’d like further details of how we can work with you, please email him: [email protected] or call: +44 (0)790 0008703


What is the reason you decided to become a Music Supervisor?

 Music is a powerful tool and placed correctly can significantly impact visual and audio media.  We all know music affects our emotions, it reaches deep inside us and influences how we react to a visual or audio stimulus.  I’ve always been interested in how music plays with my own emotions and I’d now like to work with a wide variety of creatives to explore how we can, together, use music to tell a wider story.

 What’s your background?

 I’ve been in the music world for over 20 years, mainly within the copyright and licensing side of the business.  As Global Executive for CCLI with specific responsibility for Europe and Africa I have a deep understanding of rights and rights management, along with good connections with a wide range of musicians and publishing companies.

What do you think are the main attributes and activities of a music supervisor and are there any hard and fast rules that make a good supervisor?

 Of course, there are many different facets to the role of a Music Supervisor but for me a key aspect is to listen!  In the world of marketing there is a mantra of “test, test, test”.  I think for a Music Supervisor it’s “listen, listen, listen”.  Listen to the client, listen to the music and listen to the result – then repeat till it’s right.  Relationships and negotiations would closely follow!

 How do you intend to work alongside Topline-Music specifically as a Music Supervisor and what will be your strategy?

 Topline is a great library and I’ve loved working with them as a consultant over the past few years.  I’ve been impressed with the wide range of music in the library as well as it’s simple no fuss approach.  Music rights management should not be as complex as it is and Topline’s relational approach works well for me.    They are super flexible and happy to work closely with me to ensure the best music is match to the clients need, even if that requires some bespoke work.

 Will you work with other music libraries, composers and producers?

 Yes – whilst Topline library along with its in-house composers will be my first port of call, I have a wide network of other publishers, composers and musicians that I can draw from.  This industry is defiantly not one size fits all!


Before coming on board with Topline-Music Library, Andy’s background has been in international copyright, music licensing and music publishing.  He has 18yrs experience at CCLI as a Global Executive with specific responsibility for the companies European and African operation
In his time with CCLI, Andy worked closely with the majority of UK Licensing bodies including PRS, MCPS, PPL, CLA, MPLC, MPA (PML) as well as STIM (Sweden), BUMA/STEMRA (Netherlands), GEMA (Germany), TONO (Norway) gaining a wide exposure to the world of licensing.  Through his time in the music industry Andy also has good connections to a wide range of music publishers, composers and musicians.
Andy enjoys taking the complexity out of licensing and making it simple for both the copyright owner and end user to understand.