We know that if you’re a major broadcaster you will already have a blanket agreement in place. This means, as you know, that there are no licensing fees applicable for any of the music here at Topline-Music.

If this applies to you and you would like to use any of the music in Topline’s fantastic library, then please drop us a quick message and we can send you a Zero rated Voucher to use at checkout. So you can select the tracks to your preferences and add the voucher to get the tracks free of any license fees.

Then we can send you a music cue sheet that you can return to us with the specific details of your music usage.

If this is all simply far too much, send us list of your chosen tracks and we’ll do the rest; We’ll send you the full broadcast audio files, and a completed music cue sheet.

For more details on the Blanket Agreement, check this out:

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