A dark atmospheric track with a strange piano leading the theme with evocative and unsettling phrases. Drums appear halfway through to give this a steady yet somewhat disturbing nightmare feel that suggests you can never get away no matter how fast you try to run. Equally mysterious are the seven additional mixes provided that not only offer more atmosphere and textures but cut downs and drum loops. Particularly good is the Piano and Pads mix which is a great underscore.

Original Mix
308894ES 04:24
Alt Mix 1 Piano and Pads
308894ET 04:24
Alt Mix 2 Pads and Drum Loops
308894EU 04:24
Alt Mix 3 Solo Piano
308894EV 04:24
Alt Mix 4 Piano Drum Loops and Bass
308894EW 04:24
Alt Mix 5 Pads and Bass
308894FM 04:24
Alt Mix 6 Drum Loops
308894FN 02:08
Alt Mix 7 Full Mix Shorter
308894FP 02:08
BPM: 90
Keys: Dm
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Ambient
Mood: Dangerous
Production: Documentary
Style: Cityscape
Colour: Black
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