A study in backing vocals, this original mix features some fine, albeit random, backing vocal phrases sung by the amazing and gifted Mark Williamson. This piece started out as a song that was featured on ‘I am Jem Cooke’ but we wanted to try it here as an instrumental that featured many of the solo instruments, played live, around the backing vocals. It’s kinda wacky but has boundless energy with additional mixes offering variations and different textures. Actuality, underscore and feature all an option for usage and placement

Original Mix
342443FQ 03:27
Alt Mix 1 Full Mix With No Backing Vocals
342443FR 03:27
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Mix with Backing Vocals
342443FS 03:27
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Mix No Backing Vocals
342443FT 03:07
Alt Mix 4 Drums Bass and Keyboards
342443FU 03:27
Alt Mix 5 Guitars and Keyboards
342443FV 03:01
Alt Mix 6 Drums Bass and Backing Vocals
342443FW 03:27
Alt Mix 7 Drums Bass Keyboards and Vocals
342443GM 03:27
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