Piano and acoustic guitar underpin this groove with violins and bright keyboards playing Topline and counter melodies against a strange ‘nine’ tempo in the second section. Half time feel offers a relaxing bridge and ending with violin on top. Not forgetting the enormous range and choice in the fourteen additional mixes, each one offering a different texture and mood from the original mix.

Original Mix
307248FS 02:47
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars Keyboards Drums and Bass
307248FT 02:47
Alt Mix 2 Violins and Acoustic Guitars
307248FU 02:47
Alt Mix 3 Violins Guitars and Keyboards
307248FV 02:47
Alt Mix 4 Guitars and Keys
307248FW 02:47
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars
307248GM 02:47
Alt Mix 6 Full Mix with Strings effects
307248GN 02:47
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars Keys and Strings effects
307248GP 02:47
Alt Mix 8 Guitars Strings Bass and Drums
307248GQ 02:47
Alt Mix 9 Guitars Bass Drums and Strings effects
307248GR 02:47
Alt Mix 10 Keyboards Strings Bass and Drums
307248GS 02:47
Alt Mix 11 Keyboards String effects Bass and Drums
307248GT 02:47
Alt Mix 12 Keyboards Bass and Drums
307248GU 02:47
Alt Mix 13 Guitars Drums and Bass
307248GV 02:47
Alt Mix 14 Keyboards and Strings effects
307248GW 02:47
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