An Indian style track full of colour and promise, with soprano saxophone finding some exotic lines around a lovely three part vocal section. Supported by some great percussion and pads, as well as ten additional mixes, this track has much to offer.

Original Mix
308896EM 01:39
Alt Mix 1 Full Mix No Soprano Sax
308896EN 01:39
Alt Mix 2 Full Mix No Vocals or Soprano sax
308896EP 01:39
Alt Mix 3 Pad Sitars and Soprano Sax
308896EQ 01:39
Alt Mix 4 Pads and Sitars
308896ER 01:39
Alt Mix 5 Percussion and Vocals
308896ES 01:39
Alt Mix 6 Percussion Vocals and Soprano Sax
308896ET 01:39
Alt Mix 7 Percussion and Soprano sax
308896EU 01:39
Alt Mix 8 Pads and Vocals
308896EV 01:39
Alt Mix 9 Pads Vocals and Soprano Sax
308896EW 01:39
Alt Mix 10 Percussion
308896FM 01:39
BPM: 100
Keys: Gm
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Ambient
Mood: Bizarre
Production: Holiday
Style: Cityscape
Colour: Gold
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