A happy go lucky track that’s known simply as the tuning for a standard ukulele. My Dog’s got fleas has been the familiar phrase enabling young and old to get a decent relative tuning for this lovely and playful instrument. This piece develops using the simple open string and, underpinned by the acoustic guitars and brush drums, it plays through a variety of changes to bring us back to the easily played default of the open strings again. The additional mixes include simple acoustic versions as well as variations for new textures, underscore and instant easy placements

Original Mix
342443EV 03:55
Alt Mix 1 Ukulele Guitars and Keyboards
342443EW 03:55
Alt Mix 2 Ukulele and Acoustic Guitars
342443FM 03:55
Alt Mix 3 Guitars Keyboards Drums and Bass
342443FN 03:51
Alt Mix 4 Ukulele Drums Bass and Keyboards
342443FP 03:55
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