A loving piano and cello duet with additional string quartet moving in and out of the arrangement. Perfect for so many applications. In addition, we’ve created seven more mixes to try out or layer. Just move them all to zero inside your DAW and mix away.

Original Mix
305808CQ 03:07
Alt Mix 1 Piano Strings and Pads
305808CR 03:07
Alt Mix 2 Piano and Strings
305808CS 03:07
Alt Mix 3 Piano Solo
305808CT 03:07
Alt Mix 4 Strings and Pads 1 movement
305808CU 03:07
Alt Mix 5 Strings and Pads 2
305808CV 03:07
Alt Mix 6 Piano Bass and Percussion
305808CW 03:07
Alt Mix 7 Piano Strings Bass and Percussion
305808DM 03:07
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