A cool groove and excellent acoustic guitar underpins this really lovely song sung by Jem Cooke, who also wrote the lyrics. Great, easy-going backing vocals too with supported piano noodles and nicely placed pads and sequencers. A fully functioning seven additional mixes offer different options including an Instrumental, and an acoustic guitar and vocal mix which is very simple and exceedingly transparent. Check them all out, or even play with making your own definitive mix for your production or personal enjoyment.

Original Mix
307247LT 03:22
Alt Mix 1 Band Mix
307247LU 03:22
Alt Mix 2 Guitars and Keyboards
307247LV 03:22
Alt Mix 3 Vocals Guitars and Keyboards
307247LW 03:22
Alt Mix 4 Vocals and Guitars
307248AM 03:22
Alt Mix 5 Guitars Vocals Drums and Bass
307248AN 03:22
Alt Mix 6 Guitars Drums and Bass
307248AP 03:22
Alt Mix 7 Piano Guitars Drums and Bass
307248AQ 03:22
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