A track written around suspended chords with energetic strings moving through a multitude of sections and themes. All incredibly played by the immense Graham Preskett, this piece is a fusion between classical rock and urban electronica, if such a thing exists? If in doubt, check the equally phenomenal twelve additional mixes that offer a vast array of different moods, styles and colours.

Original Mix
307248EP 04:26
Alt Mix 1 Strings and Piano
307248EQ 04:26
Alt Mix 2 Strings Piano Bass and Drums
307248ER 04:26
Alt Mix 3 Piano Pads Bass and Drums
307248ES 04:26
Alt Mix 4 Strings section
307248ET 04:26
Alt Mix 5 Strings Piano and Pads
307248EU 04:26
Alt Mix 6 Strings Bass and Drums
307248EV 04:26
Alt Mix 7 Strings Pads Bass and Drums
307248EW 04:26
Alt Mix 8 Strings and Pads
307248FM 04:26
Alt Mix 9 Piano and Pads
307248FN 04:26
Alt Mix 10 Pads Bass and Drums
307248FP 04:26
Alt Mix 11 Pads
307248FQ 04:26
Alt Mix 12 Pads and Rhythm Strings
307248FR 04:26
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