A relaxing and evocative Piano theme with strings and gentle pads in support. This theme would work well as a countryside or travel underscore as well as an emotive and gentle feature. Very versatile and unobtrusive, there are five additional mixes to offer more textures and choices.

Original Mix
308894GQ 03:50
Alt Mix 1 Piano Solo
308894GR 03:50
Alt Mix 2 Keyboard Pads
308894GS 03:50
Alt Mix 3 Pads and Piano second half
308894GT 03:50
Alt Mix 4 Harps and Keyboard Pads
309097LS 03:50
Alt Mix 5 Harps Solo
308894GV 03:50
BPM: 70
Keys: Bb
Signature: 6/8
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Thematic
Mood: Open
Production: Food
Style: Acoustic
Colour: Autumnal
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