Acoustic guitars and piano lead the way with organ and electric guitars developing the themes and grooves. The song that links this track is called Red Light Shining and features a great lead vocal by Jem Cooke. Check out this version and all of the alternative mixes.

Original Mix
302248DU 04:02
Alt Mix 1 Band Track no Lead Guitar
302248DV 04:02
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Mix no Electric Guitars
302248DW 04:02
Alt Mix 3 Keys Bass and Drums no Guitars
302248EM 04:02
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic and Electric Guitars
302248EN 04:02
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars and Drums
302248EP 04:02
Alt Mix 6 Keys and Guitars no drums
302248EQ 04:02
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