An unapologetic country vamp featuring accordion and banjo. A perfect piece for an outdoor scene, country underscore or a ‘Get down on the farm’ drama! Nice ending for a quick country sting or link. If you need us to do that for you or any other specific edits that don’t appear here, just get in touch.

Original Mix
302248ET 02:30
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Mix no Drums
302248EU 02:30
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars and Banjo
302248EV 02:30
Alt Mix 3 Acoustics and Pads
302248EW 02:30
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars no Banjo
302248FM 02:30
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars and Pads no Banjo
302248FN 02:30
Alt Mix 6 Pads and Drums no Guitars
302248FP 02:30
Alt Mix 7 Pads and Piano no Drums and Guitars
302248FQ 02:30
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