A lovely relaxing piece that begins with an exceptionally nice and friendly sequence. Adding piano and then the acoustic guitars, building throughout with additional pads and strings, it speaks out versatility and usefulness. Not only that but there are four equally lovely additional mixes each offering a different take on the main theme.

Original Mix
308895DV 03:20
Alt Mix 1 Solo Piano
308895DW 03:20
Alt Mix 2 Piano and Strings no guitars
308895EM 03:20
Alt Mix 3 Pads Guitars and Strings
308895EN 03:20
Alt Mix 4 Pads and Strings
308895EP 03:20
BPM: 63
Keys: C
Signature: 6/8
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Lounge
Production: Nature Outdoor
Style: Seascape
Colour: Autumnal
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