A full on violin led track that moves through a variety of themes and motifs. Perfect for serious or spoof financial applications or indeed, anything that has money attached to it. Urgent and compelling, it’s begging for that all-important voice over. Somewhat over-the-top but necessary twelve additional mixes provide a vast selection of other moods, textures and choices. Alternative mix four, for example, just has strings, keyboards and sequencers. A perfect underscore, as is number ten with strings, sequencers, drums and bass. So much choice and so little time!

Original Mix
306906DN 03:37
Alt Mix 1 Piano Keyboards and Percussion
306906DP 03:37
Alt Mix 2 Strings
306906DQ 03:37
Alt Mix 3 Strings Piano and Key Pads
306906DR 03:37
Alt Mix 4 Strings Keyboards and Sequencers
306906DS 03:37
Alt Mix 5 Strings and Piano
306906DT 03:37
Alt Mix 6 Piano and Keyboards
306906DU 03:37
Alt Mix 7 Strings Keys and Piano
306906DV 03:37
Alt Mix 8 Strings Nylon Pad and Keypad
306906DW 03:37
Alt Mix 9 Nylon Pad and Keypad
306906EM 03:37
Alt Mix 10 Strings Sequencers Drums and Bass
306906EN 03:37
Alt Mix 11 Sequencers Drums and Bass
306906EP 03:37
Alt Mix 12 Strings Sequencers and Bass
306906EQ 03:37
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