A well defined journey beginning with lovely bells and backwards guitar atmospherics that develops into a flying sequence becoming a slow and majestic regal processional. It forms back to the atmospheric underscore with bells and backwards guitar riffs; A dream, a magical land, the perfect loops and underscore contained here ending with the flying sequence to finish on a crescendo high. The additional mixes are the individual themes separated including a fine analogue vocal theme with and without percussive bells.

Original Mix
335768BM 05:28
Alt Mix 1 Flying theme to Procession
479651GW 02:16
Alt Mix 2 Atmospheric Dream Sequence
479651HM 02:29
Alt Mix 3 Flying Theme to End
479651HN 00:42
Alt Mix 4 Bells and Choir
479651HP 00:34
Alt Mix 5 Choir Only
479651HQ 00:33
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