Built on a progression of ascending fifth chords, or indeed descending fourths, both major and minor, this track offers a gentle and hypnotic route that continues to build upon itself. We had to end it somewhere so starting in G and ending in C sharp was purely random. Nicely placed with piano and strings playing delicate moves with the percussion and sequencers underpinning to create a sense of urgency albeit delicately. The additional mixes are also very much worth checking out for additional texture and perfect underscore possibilities.

Original Mix
506390FT 03:55
Alt Mix 1 No Strings
506390FU 03:55
Alt Mix 2 Underscore
506390FV 03:55
Alt Mix 3 Piano Strings and Pads
506390FW 03:55
Alt Mix 4 Percussion and Sequencers
506390GM 02:00
Alt Mix 5 Percussion Strings and Sequencers
506390GN 02:00
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