Bubbling away, this rather nice friendly piece simply does what its supposed to do, allowing the piano to fill here and there and give it some purpose and direction. If the piano isn’t what you want, there are six additional mixes some of which are reduced to the sequencers and drums, and a simple underscore. So worth checking out simply for the groove and variety.

Original Mix
308114ET 02:12
Alt Mix 1 Sequencers and Drums
308114EU 02:12
Alt Mix 2 Sequencers
308114EV 02:12
Alt Mix 3 Sequencers and Piano
308114EW 02:12
Alt Mix 4 Bubble Sequence Piano and Drums
308114FM 02:12
Alt Mix 5 Piano Part Bass and Drums
308114FN 01:28
Alt Mix 6 Piano and Part Bass
308114FP 01:28
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