An amazing song with an amazing message, written and sung by the fantastic Jem Cooke. Played pretty much all the way through with a single acoustic guitar, and assisted by a beautiful string quartet and piano. There are fifteen additional mixes available all offering different textures and moods; from the various instrumental versions to the stripped back vocals and guitar.

Original Mix
118845ER 04:25
Alt Mix 1 Vocals and Acoustic Guitars
308115EV 04:25
Alt Mix 2 Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitars
308115EW 04:25
Alt Mix 3 Lead Vocal Strings and Acoustic Guitars
308115FN 04:25
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Strings Guitars Bass and Piano
308115FQ 04:25
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars and Strings
308115FR 04:25
Alt Mix 6 Acoustic Guitars Piano Strings and Bass
308115FS 04:25
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars
308115FT 04:25
Alt Mix 8 Instrumental Backing Track
308115FU 04:25
Alt Mix 9 Guitars Keyboards and Strings
308115FV 04:25
Alt Mix 10 Vocals Strings and Keyboards
308115FW 04:25
Alt Mix 11 Vocals Guitars Drums and Bass
308115GM 04:25
Alt Mix 12 Guitars Drums and Bass
308115GN 04:25
Alt Mix 13 Strings Guitars Drums and Bass
308115GP 04:25
Alt Mix 14 Full Mix 2
308115GQ 04:25
Alt Mix 15 Instrumental Variation
308115GR 04:25
BPM: 146
Keys: B
Signature: 4/4
Genre: Cinematic
Production: Drama
Style: Protest
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