A very cool lovingly written song featuring Jem Cooke on vocals. A poignant and interesting chord progression too that underpins the vocals and a strong sequence. An impressive twelve additional mixes also included that offer very different moods and textures in comparison. Vocals with acoustic guitars is one particularly excellent mix, as are the several Instrumental tracks, useful for underscore and under voiceover.

Original Mix
307250LQ 04:50
Alt Mix 1 Band Mix Instrumental
307250LR 04:50
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars Piano and Vocals
307250LS 04:50
Alt Mix 3 Keyboards Pads Guitars and Vocals
307250LT 04:50
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards Pads and Guitars
307250LU 04:50
Alt Mix 5 Vocals and Acoustic Guitars
307250LV 04:50
Alt Mix 6 Vocals Guitars Bass and Drums
307250LW 04:50
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Drums
307251AM 04:50
Alt Mix 8 Acoustic Guitars
307251AN 04:50
Alt Mix 9 Vocals Keyboards Bass and Drums
307251AP 04:50
Alt Mix 10 Keyboards Bass and Drums
307251AQ 04:50
Alt Mix 11 Vocals and Keyboards
307251AR 04:50
Alt Mix 12 Keyboard Pads
307251AS 04:50
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