A fully formed jazz retro track based on some original Glen Miller ‘sound-a-like’ samples (specially recorded and not stolen) to make up this rather weird and uncomfortable twelve bar blues sequence. With added vocal section pads and battle between electric guitar and dirty Hammond organ makes this a rather exciting idea, and very usable in so many applications. The five additional versions provide so many more colours and textures. Pretty much a full score if you add them all together. Two of the additional mixes are without the big band so easy to use as an amazing and flexible underscore.

Original Mix
302249FM 02:23
Alt Mix 1 Drum and Bass Mix
302249FN 02:23
Alt Mix 2 Clean Drums Guitar and Vocals
302249FP 02:23
Alt Mix 3 Band Organ Mix
302249FQ 02:23
Alt Mix 4 Band Organ with Big Band
302249FR 02:23
Alt Mix 5 Weird Percussion Band and Vocals
302249FS 02:23
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