A series of medieval tracks all based around the same theme and motif. With recognisable flavours of contemporary complex riffs and loops, these feature real vocals used instrumentally, various recorders, violin all played with genuine medieval instruments. The main theme stands at the designated tempo with the variations being variations, some quicker and some slower but all similar and related. Great themes, underscore and film featured tracks with a degree of sadness and melancholy suitable for the period. Enhanced with genuine medieval tuning!

Original Mix
477144HP 01:21
Alt Mix 1 Choir and Church Organ
477144HQ 00:53
Alt Mix 2 Recorders
477144HR 00:16
Alt Mix 3 Organ
477144HS 00:33
Alt Mix 4 Harpsichord Brass and Guitars
477144HT 00:53
Alt Mix 5 Voice Guitar and Wind Main Theme 2
477144HU 02:33
Alt Mix 6 Organ Brass and Voice Ensemble
477144HV 02:21
Alt Mix 7 Full Orchestra Ensemble Titles
477144HW 02:41
Alt Mix 8 Harpsichord and Recorder Short Riff
477144KM 00:07
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