Starting with weird and wacky sequencers, this track develops into a fairy traditional blues groove with electric guitars around pulsating drums and bass. No real surprises except the continued return to the twelve bar patterns, and building throughout. A series of additional mixes offer breakdowns of the keyboards, rhythm tracks and guitars.

Original Mix
344949AT 02:24
Alt Mix 1 Keyboards and Sequencers
344949AU 02:24
Alt Mix 2 Drums Bass and Guitars
344949AV 02:24
Alt Mix 3 Keyboards Drums and Bass
344949AW 02:24
Alt Mix 4 Reduced Keyboards
344949BM 02:24
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Bass and Guitars
344949BN 02:24
Alt Mix 6 Keyboard Variation Bass and Drums
344949BP 02:24
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