A full on hefty, guitar riff-based, track with Topline Guitar noodling throughout. So many variations available here as well, offering many alternative mixes including a keyboard mix, just drums and guitars, even a magnificent, fully-fitted, kitchen sink mix.

Original Mix
302248KS 03:21
Alt Mix 1 Keys Mix
302248KT 03:21
Alt Mix 2 Kitchen Sink Mix
302248KU 03:21
Alt Mix 3 Riff Mix No Guitar Toplines
302248KV 03:21
Alt Mix 4 Keys and Drums
302248KW 03:21
Alt Mix 5 Guitars and Drums
302248LM 03:21
Alt Mix 6 Riff Guitars and Drums
302248LN 03:21
Alt Mix 7 Keyboards and Sequencers
302248LP 03:21
Alt Mix 8 Guitars
302248LQ 03:21
Alt Mix 9 Guitar Riffs
302248LR 03:21
Alt Mix 10 Drums
302248LS 03:21
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