A sad lament with glacial properties, as in the rather nice delicate percussive bells that surround the steady acoustic guitars. A slide guitar and piano build a counter rhythm and the percussion and drums add additional groove to the somewhat strangely chordal bridge section, that brings us back to the four bar guitar motif. Great underscore or moody scene for a sad, cold, melancholy drama. There are some serious additional mixes here including just the guitars, and one with percussion, strings and slide guitar offering greater transparency and colours.

Original Mix
325809BT 03:49
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars
325809BU 03:49
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars Keyboards and Slide Guitar
325809BV 03:49
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Percussion
325809BW 03:49
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards Bass and Percussion
325809CM 03:49
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards
325809CN 03:49
Alt Mix 6 Keyboards Bass and Slide Guitar
325809CP 03:49
Alt Mix 7 Slide Guitar Strings Percussion and Bass
325809CQ 03:49
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