steady theme with acoustic guitars, flute and piano, underpinned by electric piano, nice sensitive drums and upright bass alongside easy going pads, Unusual time signature which riffs in seven, and then comes back to a regular four by way of the resolve. More surprises in the additional mixes, of which there are a whopping ten, all providing different elements and textures for a great choice and immense flexibility of placement.

Original Mix
306479GV 03:14
Alt Mix 1 Groove track no Topline
306479GW 03:14
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars Pads and Topline
306479HM 03:14
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars and Pads
306479HN 03:14
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars and solo Guitar Topline
306479HP 03:14
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars
306479HQ 03:14
Alt Mix 6 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass
306479HR 03:14
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass with Topline
306479HS 03:14
Alt Mix 8 Pads
306479HT 03:14
Alt Mix 9 Pads Drums and Bass
306479HU 03:14
Alt Mix 10 Pads Bass and Topline
306479HV 03:14
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