As described in the blog, this is the song that was commissioned and recorded in America featuring Mark Williamson and a lovely female singer who I sadly can’t remember. It’s big, bold and very corporate in its production mainly because we needed it to be that colour for Thomas Cook. For The World, One Voice is a piece of glorious 90’s singalong that, with the right push and the usual piece of luck could have become a really nice travel song to relaunch Thomas Cook. But hey, what’s the point in just talking about the successes? We tried, we travelled and we got paid. The additional mix is the original track with English singers performed in my studio. Sadly I can’t remember who they were but they sound fab any which way and add a different vibe to the song.

Original Mix
7347544P 04:04
Alt Mix 1 Different vocals UK
7347544R 03:47
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