A light riff based theme moving through a variety of keys with continuous repetition and repeats. Perfect underscore under voiceover or travel montage. If a longer track is desired, you can use the alternative mixes to create a really fun mixed bag of moods and colours. Just line them all up to zero in your DAW and Bob’s your Invoice. Six full length additional mixes to use and play with. Plus three cut downs to different lengths. Or you can let us know, and we can easily do it for you.

Original Mix
302250GU 02:33
Alt Mix 1 Piano and Keyboards
302250GV 02:33
Alt Mix 2 Piano and Pads
302250GW 02:33
Alt Mix 3 Piano Solo
302250HM 02:33
Alt Mix 4 Sequencers and Percussion
302250HN 02:33
Alt Mix 5 Sequencers and Pads
302250HP 02:33
Alt Mix 6 Piano and Percussion
302250HQ 02:33
Alt Mix 7 Round and Round Long
302250HR 01:41
Alt Mix 8 Round and Round Short
302250HS 00:19
Alt Mix 9 Percussion Loop
302250HT 00:26
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