A fun, exciting groove led by piano and electric guitars, Introducing some fine and retro guitar lines which offer a multitude of action sequences and applications. Equally great are the six additional mixes that give so much more by way of texture, mood and atmosphere.

Original Mix
306479KP 03:47
Alt Mix 1 Bass Drums and Electric Guitars
306479KQ 03:47
Alt Mix 2 Sequencers Keys Bass and Drums
306479KR 03:47
Alt Mix 3 Sequencers and Keyboard Pads
306479KS 03:47
Alt Mix 4 Electric Guitars Bass and Keyboards
306479KT 03:47
Alt Mix 5 Piano Guitars Bass and Drums
306479KU 03:47
Alt Mix 6 Sequencers Keys Guitars and Selected Percussion
306479KV 03:47
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