A track written in multiples of sixes and sevens with the odd four and five thrown in for good measure. Exciting real percussion follows the main theme that would be perfect for the party, celebration, procession or just good happy times. Eight marvellous additional mixes are also available that contain various elements and textures. You can also find the percussion and drum mixes under the name RITUAL and RITUAL 2 as we felt they deserved their own separate identity.

Original Mix
308114AT 02:22
Alt Mix 1 Tuned Instruments
308114AU 02:22
Alt Mix 2 Percussion and Drums
308114AV 02:22
Alt Mix 3 Tuned Instruments and Bass
308114AW 02:22
Alt Mix 4 Percussion Drums and Bass
308114BM 02:22
Alt Mix 5 Percussion
308114BN 02:22
Alt Mix 6 Tuned Instruments and Percussion
308114BP 02:22
Alt Mix 7 Tuned Instruments Bass and Percussion
308114BQ 02:22
Alt Mix 8 Tuned Instruments Sticks Drums and Bass
308114BR 02:22
Genre: African
Colour: Magenta
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