A Joyful, bouncy and happy track that started out as a short jingle and has been extended into an arrangement with backing vocals, blues mouthorgan and acoustic band. Cleary various lengths can be easily extracted from this but we felt it was worth giving it legs and allowing it some space. Vocals written and performed by the amazing Jem Cooke who also did the backing vocals. Such talent! Additional versions also add different options as well as the actual shorter and original jingle, a thirty second version with fade ending. Should you need any other versions or variations get in touch and we can apply the usual surgery

Original Mix
329757CV 02:39
Alt Mix 1 Instrumental version
329757CW 02:39
Alt Mix 2 Backing Track with Backing Vocals
329757DM 02:39
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Mix with Vocals No Drums
329757DN 02:15
Alt Mix 4 Jingle Version Thirty To Fade
329757DP 00:42
Alt Mix 5 Jingle Version 2 Thirty To Fade
329757DQ 00:42
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