An evocative guitar piece played with melody that may be memorable, tuneful, even song-like but easily placed in a montage or elements of looking back and fond memories. Some great additional mixes here with full band mix, toplines with nylon string guitar and flugel horn.

Original Mix
418563GN 01:03
Alt Mix 1 Lower Topline Melody
418563GP 01:03
Alt Mix 2 Strings and Guitars
418563GQ 00:50
Alt Mix 3 Strings Piano and Guitar Melody
418563GR 00:53
Alt Mix 4 Bouncy Mix with Guitar Topline
418563GS 00:44
Alt Mix 5 Band Mix with Strings
418563GT 01:23
Alt Mix 6 Band Mix with Strings and Trumpet Topline
418563GU 00:35
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