The Collection that continues with the Country styles and offers moods and textures perfect for outdoor, green pastures, farming, country file scenes. All the tracks are written and produced by Dave Cooke and represent a small selection of similar outdoor pieces that can be found by using the Categories on the Home Page. Worthy of note also are the Additional mixes associated with these Original mixes here, and how the different versions offer so much more choice, colour and variation. Simply search for any of these tracks in the search window and you’ll see all the versions available.

Composers: David Cooke
Original Mix
302250AP 03:00
Last January Day
Original Mix
302249BP 04:26
Rambling and Brambling
Original Mix
306509DS 02:42
Seasonally Sunshine
Original Mix
302248LT 02:41
Simon Says
Original Mix
302248ET 02:30
Summer Licks
Original Mix
302249KR 04:22
Tarmac Dreams
Original Mix
302249LP 03:22
Views from Outside
Alt Mix 1 Piano
302249CS 04:13
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